As you can imagine there were always at least five other ‘Sarah B.’s in my class growing up so I quickly became Sarah Jane and then it was a natural progression to ‘SJ.’ To be honest though I don’t care what you call me, I’m just happy that you are reading this!! Yay!

Or just SJ to family & friends.

When I’m not taking pics of people...

I’m most likely reading a new book (let’s be friends on Goodreads!) going to yoga, and searching for the best coffee shop in town (and also slowly collecting the kinds of coffee gadgets that would make a barista proud). If you couldn’t already tell, I’m an enneagram 7. Which basically means I am an extremely enthusiastic person who thrives on spontaneity.

Currently living the dream with my hubby, Jay, (still getting used to saying that!!) and our pups Maisie + big Ern. We recently relocated to the East Coast to be closer to my family & the shore, have a yard for the pups, finally be homeowners, and last but NOT least; serve lovely new clients in NJ, Philly, and NYC!! And of course, I will still be in Chicago A LOT because I love this city so much and I’ll need to come see friends, jump in the lake, and get an Ipsento coffee now and again.

If you hire me for a wedding or session you can expect lots of self-deprecating jokes and loud, open-mouthed laughter. I just can’t help it. There can always be a reason to celebrate and any day can be the best day of all time. Kinda makes sense that I chose a profession where I am invited to giant parties and get to pop champagne with cute people in love.

I like big books and I cannot lie

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Here's what I'm currently reading:

Things We Do in the Dark
The Ashes & the Star-Cursed King
The Serpent and the Wings of Night
The Measure
The Diamond Eye
Do Your Worst
The Seven Year Slip
Between Us
Don't You Forget About Me
Sign Here
The Women
City of Girls
By a Thread
The Villa
The Things We Leave Unfinished
Forget Me Not
Kingdom of Ash
Tower of Dawn
Empire of Storms
Queen of Shadows

 CAMPING with our pups.

LONG BEACH ISLAND, NJ aka my favorite place in the world! 

I LOVE exploring new places! 

 I have lived in 8 different states!

HAPPIEST at my beach house for my annual family vacation.


I MARRIED my high school sweetheart in 2022.

ALL I NEED is a new book & a picnic blanket .


My approach

I have always been extremely attuned to the feelings & emotions of people around me and have an endless desire to know exactly what others are thinking and feeling. I’ve also always felt a deep need to create, and am an artist in the sense that a full moon or a sunset can sometimes give me chills, a song I've never heard before can make me feel a deep and profound emotion that has no name, a beautiful sentence can make me cry. For all of these reasons, combining photography with the world of couples and weddings just made sense. I have a knack for making people feel relaxed and comfortable so they can show up in front of my lens as authentically as possible and truly live in the moment. I am just a girl who feels insanely, ridiculously lucky that couples are willing to pay me actual money to come into their lives, look at them in their entirety, and attempt to capture this intangible thing that we all feel in the form of a photograph. 

My favorite weddings always begin with people who are in love and who trust me to capture the day as it unfolds in a way that is true to them. You’re saying your vows on a boat at sunset? I’ll bring my camera. Ceremony at a restaurant and after-party at a piano bar? I’m so there it’s insane. Beaches, mountains, lakes, the redwood forest; I have a Southwest credit card and I’m honestly begging to use it. 

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